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Your Chamber Board of Directors

Officers and Directors


Beverly Smith, Bob Smith Realty

Julie Day, Copper Creek Grill
Vice President

Linda Inderbieten, Western Title

Joy Tibbals,Weed Heights Development

Craig Adams, Copper Canyon Ranch Alpacas
Bob Smith, Bob Smith Realty
Linda Glaser, Aladdin Travel
Joe Dini, Dini's Lucky Club
Ruth Tippets, Double T Electric
Chuck Worley, Marathon Equipment
Past President
Mike Hagen
Lyon County Museum Representative
Dan Newell
City of Yerington Representative


The Chamber Mission

The mission of the Mason Valley Chamber of Commerce is to promote economic progress and quality of life in the Mason Valley community and to foster a climate in which commerce, industry and agriculture will flourish.

The Mason Valley Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that means business! It consists of owners, managers, presidents and other key representatives from a spectrum of businesses and organizations in and around the Mason Valley area. The Chamber provides the opportunity to be directly involved in efforts to improve the business, cultural and civic well-being of the area

The Chamber Objectives

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