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The County
Frequently Called Phone Numbers
Asessors 463-6524
Business License 463-6505
City of Yerington
Clerk/Treasurer 463-6502
Comptroller 463-6510
County Commissioners 463-6531
Development/Planning 463-6591
Emergency Management 463-6570
Public Health Nurse 463-6534
Public Works 463-6551
UNR Cooperative Ext. 463-6541


Many fascinating and entertaining places and events await you throughout Lyon County. From Native American attractions to early military bases to musical and theatrical performances, our many attractions are sure to delight and please you. Yerington is also home to the Wind Spirit Dancers, a Native American group who has performed as far away as St. Petersburg, Russia.

Fort Churchill State Park, 8 Miles south of Silver Springs
            Nevada's first military base, built in 1860. The remains of the adobe-type buildings and the visitor's center will take you back in time to Nevada's Pioneer days.

Buckland Station
        Just across US 95A from Fort Churchill, this historic Pony Express Station originally built with some of the wood from the abandoned Fort Churchill is now a part of the Nevada State Park System.

Stockton Wells
           An early trading and Pony Express Station in the Silver Springs area now located on Spruce Street and commemorated with several historic markers.

Wigwam Restaurant & Casino, 225 W. Main, Fernley
           One of the best collections of Native American artifacts in the state

Fernley Historical Preservation Society
           PO Box 683, Fernley, NV 89408
                      Contact: Rodger Denn (775)-575-1107

Lyon County Museum, 215 S. Main St., Yerington
      Displays and artwork depicting Lyon County from its early days to the present.

Jeanne Dini Yerington Cultural Center
       Recently opened, the Center is a historic restoration of a 1912 schoolhouse while retaining the original architectural flavor. Community musical and theatrical events as well as performances by visiting artists and troupes are held throughout the year. This is also an ideal location for small conferences.
Jeanne Dini Yerington Cultural Center PO Box 695

Yerington Theatre for the Arts
        A non-profit, volunteer arts council that brings performances, music and art workshops, artists residencies and Arts for Kids Programs to the Mason Valley area.  Contact Sue Rogers at 775-463-1783

 Historic Downtown Dayton
       Located 11 miles east of Carson City, the State Capitol. The Pony Express Trail and Emigrant Trail passed through town. Founded in 1849, Dayton is Nevada's first settlement. Gold was also first discovered in Dayton at the mouth of Gold Canyon in 1848.Contact the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Dayton Historic Society
        Responsible for the preservation and restoration of Dayton's historic past, the Society operates the Dayton  Historic Society Museum.  The museum, as well as many other historic buildings share a past rich in comstock-era sites, including a firehouse and jail, th Open Hall & Saloon, and Nevada's first cemetery.  PO Box 485, Dayton, Nevada 89403.   Phone (775)-246-3256

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